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two hands reaching up to each other
Hi Five
Hi Five by Muhammad Hibatur rahman on Dribbble
two hands are holding each other in front of a green and white background with the words,
Hi Five
Hi Five by DarkCube Studio
a drawing of a hat on top of a white background with pink and green lines
Concept Based Brand Identity
an illustrated poster with different types of food on it
Weperfectionist: I will create minimalist logo design for your business for $25 on
a clock made out of colored pencils on a wooden table with the time twelve o'clock
Atık Malzemelerden Tasarımlar -
pencils are lined up on a table with names and numbers written in each row
Fotos De Marisol En Decoración Crayolas | Decoración Aula De 4D4
a bulletin board with five different colors and faces on it, hanging from the wall
Classroom Tour - Little Minds at Work
an open book with pictures and writing on it sitting on top of a wooden table
Lapbook: El Universo
Lapbook: El Universo
an open book with pictures on it and some papers attached to the pages that are cut out
Lapbook del universo
Lapbook contiene Fases de la Luna, Eclipses, Cometas, Asteroides, Hoyos negros y movimientos de la Tierra.
an open book with social media icons on it and the words e - safety without we are smart