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a woman with her arms up in the air and text that reads pray on it
DraftKings - 'Why Do You Play?' (Director's Cut)
OKURRR | an animated strong sans serif font | for branding & motion | by ana & yvy
a horse with the word aho on it's back and an image of a horse running behind it
Prêmio Estadão Cannes 2017 - Opening Video
Vídeo de abertura do Prêmio Estadão Cannes 2017 Our Roles | Motion Graphics Direção Criativa | Paulo Pereira Locução | Carlos Ferrari Campanha Desafio Estadão "Cavalos": Agência: FCB Brasil Diretora Geral de Criação: Joanna Monteiro Diretor Executivo de Criação: Fábio Simões “Simon” Diretor de Arte: Stefano De Luccia
the motion sketch is being used to create an animated spider on top of a hill
Parallax After Effects Tutorial
Parallax After Effects Tutorial - YouTube
an image of a woman's face with the words pixel sorting over it
Pixel Sorting en After Effects || Tutorial
(13) Pixel Sorting en After Effects || Tutorial - YouTube
a poster with high heeled shoes on the bottom and yellow lines in the middle
Retro Graphics Movie Titles - retro - vintage - motion - easy ease - sweeteners - design - lines - patterns - polished - transitions - atmospheric - camera
a woman standing in front of a yellow and black background with the words change 2013
The Warping 3D World of Kidmograph
'TRON' meets 'Drive' with a little bit of 'Robocop' for good measure.