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I shop online all the time and leave all the stuff in shopping cart for a couple of days to make sure I really NEED it!

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: My hobbies include: Pinning pictures of home decor I can't afford, recipes I won't cook, & crafts I won't make. Also, I really enjoy loading up my online shopping cart & not buying any of it.

Love this. Change happens when we stop expecting others to walk us out of the cave

Truth is. No matter how strong you are, at some point you will hit rock bottom. And it will feel like the world is collapsing beneath your feet. But darling , the only person who can get you back on surface is yourself.

For Gene, this is the truth. You see, people can't hide their guilt forever. It's best to fix a problem before it gets to big to fix and one would be Gene's misunderstanding.

Some of us have been carrying unresolved feelings around for years.sometimes completely unaware, until something triggers an emotional reaction that reminds us that we have unfinished business with others or ourselves.

You don't need to be beautiful, you ARE beautiful. We were born beautiful, and despite all the growth, nothing about our innate beauty has changed. Know your beauty. Be sure you'r(Whats Your Favorite Younique)