Awan Nugroho

Awan Nugroho

Probolinggo - Malang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia / Jalani kehidupan dengan apa yang telah digariskan...
Awan Nugroho
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I want to play around with this idea over the summer. I don't know what I'd do with this, but it's awesome.

Panchang Knot is so popular that many people think it is “the Chinese Knot". Actually it is only a typical knot genre in Chinese knotting. A basic Panchang Knot consists of 8 loops and 8 ears.

Instructions on How to Tie an Upgraded Chinese Decorative Cloverleaf Knot

In this page, I will show you the way to tie a decorative knot: an upgraded version of Chinese cloverleaf knot. Each variation has its character and advantage for your jewelry making!

This came from a site called handmade.  The whole site is awesome.

beautiful craft buttons how to make buttons and loops china. unique buttons perfect for craft projects: crochet button tutorial, knot chinese buttons tutorial,