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Haha I hate Sakura

Sasuke you're a hot freaking mess and evil hearted lil pint who doesn't even deserve Sakura or a daughter named Sadara. You killed your own brother when you could've helped him come to the good side just like Naruto did with you but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


I hope naruto have to repeat the chunin-exam, if he get hokage, i wasn't to See him, fighting whith his ultimate awesome jutsu's whith a Jeans Old genin XD

Let's selfie together !

Naruto, Hashirama and Ashura are there all happy and smiling and then see Sasuke, Madara and Indra they're like "Hn".

The girls in their man's clothes.  A while back I pinned the NaruHina one, but then I found SasuSaku, ShikaTema, SaiIno, MinaKushi, and ObiRin ones and had to add them! #naruto

As meninas em roupas de homem- NaruHina, SasuSaku, ShikaTema, SaiIno, MinaKushi…