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Make a set of attractive wooden wall sconces from a single board. Then add LED candles, plants, or other decorations. Skill level: Beginner
DIY PLANS Tiki Hut  Bamboo bungalow with Tiki bar by bamboobarn, $500.00
Sharma Springs, Green Village Bali is an eco initiative led by Ubud’s Elora Hardy and her team at Ibuku – architects, designers and master craftsmen who pioneer all-new approaches to bamboo architecture and furniture design.
Tiki Hut - Change Your Residential Pool into a Tropical Paradise!
british designer ryan maceachern decided to take his diet to the next level by using some design to spice things up.  this project explores the nutritional values of the diet and presents it in a contrasting way, it juxtaposes the dull and boring appearance of the food he was eating by presenting the data using colourful vibrant foods.
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20 Cozy Modern Bedroom Ideas | Home Design And Interior
Modern - Powerpoint Template. Download here:
Escalera abierta recta con zancas laterales KESSON KES003 Colección Kesson by Kozac
First Aid 2.0 First Aid 2.0 features a LED Red Cross panel that displays step-by-step instructions on how to administer first aid, relevant to the injury. It even has a GPS tracking system and can inform you about the nearest hospital or clinic. In the stressful situation of an emergency, this kit helps refines the process, which is the crucial first step in saving lives.