Ayaka Fujisaki

Ayaka Fujisaki

Ayaka Fujisaki
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Ice Cream Tulips

Tulip 'Ice Cream' - Bulb Tulipa New! This magnificent tulip definitely lives up to its name, as when in bloom it looks just like a delicious ice-cream - it looks almost good enough to eat. How Beautiful!

Pucker up! This plant is affectionately called "Hooker's Lips." Also known scientifically as Psychotria elata. #exoticflowers #weird #flowers

I WANT! 'Psychotria Elata' - Affectionately known as "Hot Lips Plant" and "Hooker’s Lips", with it’s colorful red flowers, attracts many pollinators including butterflies and hummingbirds. Also known in some circles as "Mick Jagger’s Lips".

corps flower ...stinky, but beautiful .....this plant is huge ...at least 6 ft. tall and taller.  Blooms every 3 to 5 years and sometimes not at all.  Native to Sumatra.

World's largest Flower from Sumatra Titan Arum weighing over 110 lbs and growing up to tall. Their smell, likened to rotting meat, is so bad it led to the common name 'corpse flower'. Scientific name: Amorphophallus titanum