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These medicine cabinet products do double duty as amazing beauty products! Read about 11 products you likely already have that can be used for your beauty and health.

The Right Way to Wash Your Face

Apparently there is a right way to wash your face lol! Here are the 7 easy steps! Such a great beauty tip for washing your face properly and do skincare.


Window seat/bed w storage underneath DIY Bed Frame Bed/Playroom DIY Duo Desk by janeblsee Frame or 4 pane window with painted clouds and a hint or ready of sun coming in.

Organization tips

Operation organization: 7 Habits of Highly Organized People Write Everything Down Keep Flat Surfaces Clear Find 'A Place for Everything' Never Leave a Room Empty Handed File, Don't Pile Purge & Declutter Often Make a Plan -- Systems and routines.

instructions for making lazy susan storage ... would be great for shoes, or tall closets...

Make your own large lazy susan…great for a pantry, walk-in closet for shoes, or kid’s room for books and toys! Make your own large lazy susan…great for a pantry, walk-in…