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the letter s is made out of newspaper pages and string, with black thread on it
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three heart shaped string art on a wooden board next to a cactus
String Art na Decoração
String Art na Decoração
an image of string art techniques and paper embroidery on pinterest's page
Free Printable String Art Patterns
Easy String Art Patterns
three different colored straws are on a wooden cutting board and one is made out of wood
CHA and All
CHA and All/ wood and wool / cool /
an arrow made out of string on top of a wooden table
Arrow string art
three pieces of wood with different designs on them
40 Insanely Creative String Art Projects - DIY Projects for Teens
40 Insanely Creative String Art Projects More
the batman string art is made with yellow thread
Batman String Nail Art
Batman String Art Tutorial- just a few easy steps and you can create your own personalized wall art for very little money!
some type of wooden sign with gold writing on it's sides and the words love spelled in cursive letters
27 Useful Fashionable DIY Ideas
STRING WALL ART by que linda
a wooden sign with mountains drawn on it hanging from a wall next to a white wall
Pointed North
Etsy art - Crooked Tree Traders | Agnes Wright Blog | string art, mountain art, Etsy product, unique, handmade art
a piece of art that has been made to look like an elephant with beads on it
String Art #1: The Elephant
Amanda takes on EVERYTHING!: String Art #1: The Elephant
three giraffes are made out of wood and beaded with white beads
The WHOot
3 Panel Giraffe String Art Tutorial
a string art piece that says i love you to the moon and back
a wooden plaque with a red heart and heartbeat on it, sitting on a pillow
Made by ME - Heart Beat - nail and string art
a wooden plaque with a tree cut out of it's sides on a white background
The WHOot
You will love this collection of string nail art patterns and we have all the top Pinterest Pins. Watch the video to learn how to make your own.
the letter k is made out of red string
4 Men 1 Lady
Whoa!! Use strings and wrap around nails to create a letter or design - Genius!