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Devona Ayura Siregar
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baegopa // V -> BTS

v taehyung bts

The perfection that is this man! Even with the coconut hair

V ( Taehyung )


V my lover i love you ❤️❤️

Wait, did they also shoot in Germany??? :o there are German products in the background... V BTS drop concept photos for comeback with 'Hormone War'

Luckily for fans, BTS (Bangtan Boys) are making a comeback soon, and they've just dropped a ton of concept photos and eye candy that fans can drool ov…

BTS | V I love this picture *_*

V ( Taehyung )

Olha o Taehyung,ou melhor V eu o chamo de Tae,(V mesmo),TaeTae,Taezinho ! Enfim,ele é um fogo demais não tem oq dizer do quanto ele é fofoo......Sem contar as palhaçadas que ele faz,EU TENHO CERTEZA QUE A MATURIDADE NÃO CHEGOU NELE AINDA :3  Tae tu tá no meu kokoro ^_^

If they did a pokemon bangtan version, V totally should be evee ❤️

тaɛɠɩ ɓaεҡʏɛσʟ ʝιҡσσҡ - Google+

V ( Taehyung )


I love TaeTae. He just seems like he loves interacting with fans by being extra and amuses himself that way.

Imagen insertada

Taehyung, V MBC gayo daejun 2016

Neel akash pelam tomar chokhe

V has no dead angle