i've been feeling Soft™ for sehun lately so lets make a sehun board so i can feel worse woohoo


sehun trying to look unamused //fans reactions// ADORABLE

1119 x 1600

Sehun - 160722 Exoplanet - The EXO’rDium in Seoul merchandise Credit: Tata.


Sehun - 160211 Vancouver Airport, departing for Los Angeles

160824 #SEHUN cr. KALMIA BOY

(康师傅见面会) >> Sehun so buff, when did this happennn


Oh Sehun (EXO) More // not gonna lie. I'm not even in this band, although obviously I know who EXO is, but Sehun is very attractive 😳

Sehun - 170528 Exoplanet #3 - The EXO'rDium [dot]  Credit: 프롬튜스데이.

Sehun is actually aesthetics no matter what era he's in.