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Can we fly away together and spend the rest of time together because that's all I want. Xxxxxxx own description

Milk and Honey

i always get myself into this mess. i always jump thinking that he will catch me at the fall. i am hopelessly a lover and a dreamer and that will be the death of me. - milk and honey

rupi kaur

I had to leave I was tired of allowing you to make me feel anything less than whole. - rupi kaur (milk and honey)

Breakup quotes for girls (:

im not sure if im depressed i mean im not sad but im not exactly happy either I can laugh and joke and smile during the day but sometimes when im alone at night i forget how to feel. The truth of how we all feel

Word Porn on More

I'm trying. I'm trying.don't struggle to please others be yourself and see who sticks by your side--true friends.