Did you ever find yourself rummaging through cupboard after cupboard, looking for that favorite cereal bowl, the one you misplaced a week ago?

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i’m still on the hunt for my seemingly elusive dream house. i thought i’d found one a few weeks ago, and even went so far as to pl

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Small kitchens are extremely cozy but it’s often not enough storage space. How can one organize smart storage spaces in the kitchen to accommodate everythi

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How to style your white kitchen with natural wood open shelves. White kitchen with white subway tile backsplash. Flowers and a large cutting boards make a kitchen look finished.

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Kitchen Garden Liven up your kitchen with a few potted plants or potted herbs. Group the pots on a tray so that the plans can be placed in front of a window to bask in the sunlight but can be easily moved if you need that sunny spot for kitchen work


Article: Zero Cost Ways to Make Your Open Kitchen Shelves Look Better. ALSO plain wood open shelves


The dark grout makes this white subway tile pop. Try this with our Metroliner…


DIY dish drying rack by bullbaker - not to place in front of window but no horizontal divider allows to dry platers too


Coffee bar An all-white kitchen that oozes rustic country charm! You can create this look too by incorporating distressed scrolled brackets and open shelving. The tiled backsplash and beaded board upper wall add tons of visual interest.