Koloniale Tentoonstelling Semarang 1914

Dutch Colonial Exhibition, Semarang (Java, Indonesia), Showing a Javanese bride draped in the elaborate fabrics of traditional dress.

The New Nation of Indonesia | LIFE Magazine February 13, 1950 | In this issue there are 14 pages of pictures by Henri Cartier-Bresson about Indonesia

The New Nation of Indonesia february 13 1950 Life Magazine Henri Cartier-Bresson Magnum Photography

Raden Ajoe Danoe Dirdjo istri muda raden saleh n pembantunya 1875 1885

Raden Ajoe Danoe Dirdjo, the young wive of Raden Saleh and her personal maid 1875 1885

Author Philip Hanson Hiss. Bali

1941 Rare BALI First Edition Balinese OLD PHOTOGRAPHS