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Wisdom from Harry Potter

And James Potter taught us that a bully can become a hero.<<<this should have been on the picture rather than Umbridge, she taught me nothing except that there is someone worse than Voldemort

ويمضي العمر ويزداد الحنين بين روح تغني وجسد حزين وقلب يغني علي وتر السنين يغمره العشق فيغدو كالجنين وتزهر في الحياة عطور الياسمين ويصير نجما في سماء العاشقين

Amberlyn inspo"Vivienne Mok Photography - Nikola, Paris in Black Rose"

Martin Conte in “Cities in Snow” Photographed by Michael Elmquist

theodicker: “ l-homme-que-je-suis: “ Martin Conte in “Cities in Snow” Photographed by Michael Elmquist ” ”

This sunset looks like a thousand shooting stars across the sky (RE&D) It sure does, a picture worth a thousand words.

Photograph Twenty Minute Sunset by Matt Molloy on

スーパーで買える食材でお肌つるつる♡ゼラチンパックに注目 - Locari(ロカリ)

'morning' ~sunlight girl photograph by Jonathan Waiter (correct title/artist? ref for 'Mage' ~by GUWEIZ on deviantart)

Dark brown hair and fierce blue eyes.

Anguished - SDW Brynn, has memory gaps, doesn't know why she is at the asylum, desperate to know her past:

Simosh is a code learn forum for software developer, how many coder went from know nothing about code to building one of time's best websites and application programming after code learning.

Milky Way Night Sky Stars Space Galaxy


“We could lie like this for centuries, watch cities rise and empires fall, watch stars die and gods grow weary, until we are the only ones left.

Sky Waves                                                                                                                                                                                 More

My eyes get lost in the night sky, the reflection of my soul, my infinite soul, I admire your beauty.

Milky way

Photography of nature that reminds us to keep it simple. Nature is amazing at reminding of how life moves effortlessly. More on our stories of the lessons we observed by embedding ourselves in nature.(Some songs remind us of a sky like this :)