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Something to say to the men and women who lost everything to a totalitarian government for posting a simple picture.

Today i met my lecturer for the feedback of my project and everything is find :) Thank you Allah, i knew You always hear my du'a:)

Oh Allah, permudahlah.

Dua for Jannah. For chritians and other religions .never ever firget that islam is for alla and all is for islam and it's a shame try to live peacefully at last we all have the same god and we're all human sisters and brothers.

Dua: 1. Allahumma Antas-Salamu wa minkas-Salamu, tabarakta ya dhal-jalali wal-Ikram. 2. Allah, You are the Perfect Peace and peace comes from you. Blessed are You, O Owner of majesty and honour.

Allah, You are the Perfect Peace. Duaas after Salaam in Salaah

Dua before starting something :) Spread it!

Oh Allah, permudahlah.

O Allah, if you see me getting farther away from you, return me to you in a beautiful way.

Oh ALLAH, place light in my

Oh ALLAH, place light in my heart ameen.

Ameen. This is my du'a for you mum.. always ❤️

Beautiful Mother Quotes & Sayings With Images In English

Dua for exams.

Dua for exams.