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Fatimah (may Allah be pleased with her), the beloved daughter of our Prophet (pbuh): from having a striking and amazing resemblance to our beloved Prophet (pbuh) to being affectionately called Az-Zahra, the Splendid One, Fatimah attained an incredible sta

Alhamdulillah :) May Allah grant our dua .Only he can make everything happen

Alhamdulillah :) May Allah grant our dua ( prayers ) Only he can make everything happen

Very true

If you want to learn about Islam read Holy Quran don't judge Islam by watching any individual because everybody is not perfect.

islam 99 names  of Allah... Subhannallah.. Islam is Beautiful.. InSyaAllah..Alhamdulillah

Download Islamic Posters: Prayer, Guidance, Alcohol, Music, Drugs etc

Ameen , May Allah grant us all with righteous husbands

The Husband DUA , Allahumma sholi wasalim ala sayidina muhammad walhamdulillahirobbilalamin :)) In Shaa Allah.