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I like this idea but it's kind of ugly. Great idea for skylight-window combo In the Netherlands Méchant Design: renovated farm house

Opulent Mansion Connected to the Envinronment Trough Central Courtyard | La Planicie House

I really love this Roman style architecture, sitting garden area in the center of the home. La Planicie House II in La Molina District, Peru designed by Oscar Gonzalez Moix © Juan Solano

Living space on the balcony:  最上階のメゾネットハウスのバルコニーに作り込まれた屋外リビングスペースをリビング側から

Living space on the balcony: 最上階のメゾネットハウスのバルコニーに作り込まれた屋外リビングスペースをリビング側から:


use inexpensive welded wire fabric over rough sawn wood framing to support Hacienda Creeper vines. All this growth took less than one year. It& easy for them to climb the walls unassisted especially after we sandblasted the paint off the masonry block.