Looking at this charming bathroom with a creative twist, a bicycle sink. Would you ever use a bike and transform it into a bicycle sink in your bathroom? I think the black & white tile floor and b

Humorous Art  8x10 Coffee Illustration  Kitchen by NightlyDoodles. , via Etsy.

Humorous Art - Coffee Illustration - Kitchen Print - hand drawn, yellow and blue, doodle art. "A morning Without Coffee is Sleep"

Coffee, illustrated as owls / via twitpic

Owl coffee chart - Funny chart describing coffee by owls -- decaf, half-caf, regular, Irish coffee, espresso and double espresso.


ultimate Iced Coffee Prepare with coffee ice cubes Strong Black Coffee Sweetened Condensed Milk.maybe half and half instead of sweetened condensed milk

Cute cute cafe♥

Peggy Porschen Cakes must be the prettiest cake shop and cupcake café in existence.