Ridwan Bachtiar Wahyudi

Ridwan Bachtiar Wahyudi

Ridwan Bachtiar Wahyudi
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Thank you Jesus for accepting me with all my faults and showing me the perfection I need to strive to attain. I know I will never reach it in my lifetime on earth, but once in a while there's an AH HA moment that I am on the right track. Thank you Lord.

my life isn’t perfect. but it does have perfect moments.

Trending 2016 - 2017. A cool man!

This spaced out, small sans serif font in capital letters works well on top of colour and image.

Well I just got hit by the feels.

Well I just got hit by the feels. More 999 fanart

" Si emociona pensarlo, imagínate hacerlo " ( Daniela Galofre Yepes )

Ads That Inspire I like the inspiration that this gives up and the motivation. We could use this as a title or spread idea to work


FST Poster by Krzysztof Iwanski in Posters

Ever wanted to put an image inside your text? You can! Learn all the details on how to make a text mask with PicMonkey’s easy-peasy tutorial.

"How To Put A Picture Inside Text With Free Clipping Masks" (Tutorial)

Fight the flow

This isn't even true. Fish can swim with or against the current. Who the hell came up with this. And now 'dead fish' everywhere are going with the flow by quoting this and thinking it's deep lol.

Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life.

trust your soul, intuition comes from your soul. Listen when it speaks to you.

#BeLike on Behance - created via https://pinthemall.net

Creative typography project by Jenifer Blanco Monzón or on Behance.

Eiko Ojala

Estonian artist Eiko Ojala famous for his paperwork released a new personal project with no clue on what media is used in it. This could be a beautiful mix of paper, photography and illustrations but.