Bamboo Architecture: Sustainable Structures

Bamboo Architecture: 12 Stylish & Sustainable Structures

Bamboo isn't just beautiful, it's also incredibly strong, fast-growing and able to thrive in a variety of climates. That makes it a top natural building ma

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Green Village in Bali by Ibuku

Green Village in Bali by Ibuku

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Africa | A Dorze man building his home in the Chencha, southern Ethiopia.  The Dorze people are famous for their huge huts, resembling a giant beehive. Although these huts look fragile, they can last up to 60 years. The about 12 metres high huts, looking like a beehive, are constructed with vertical hardwood poles and woven bamboo and have thatched roofs of enset (false-banana) | © Sergio Pessolano by marilyn

Dorze man building a hut in Chencha, Ethiopia. The Dorze are known for their beehive-shaped houses made of organic materials such as bamboo sticks, leaves, grass and the false banana.