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Traditional Houses

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Javanese traditional house

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Aceh Traditional House

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Joglo House - Central Javanese Traditional House

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Joglo, Central Javanese Traditional House

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Rumoh Aceh (Aceh traditional house) - Aceh Province - Sumatera.

Minangkabau or Minang ethnic group who speak and uphold the Archipelago of Minangkabau adat. Areas include West Sumatra adherent culture, half of mainland Riau, northern, western part of Jambi, North Sumatra, southern, southwest of Aceh, and also Negeri BengkuluSembilan in Malaysia.

Batak's Traditional house - North Sumatera - Indonesia Huta di Ambarita Huta is a group of houses which consists of several Batak houses in one complex, usually within 1 huta there are 5 to 12 Houses. The Batak house was divided into three levels symbolizing a three fold division of the cosmos (the underworld, the earth and the upper world). Animals were kept below the house (where they warned against attacks), people lived in the middle and sacred heir­looms were hung under the…