1. Thoroughly wash the veggies and shake them off the best you can in the sink.  2. Place the washed veggies in a gallon ziplock bag.  3. Put a couple of clean, dry paper towels in the bag with the veggies.  Voila! Your veggies have been saved! The paper towel does all the work. The only effort you make is to just check on it every few days and if the paper towel is soaked, switch it out with a dry one.

Save your Fruits and Veggies with the Paper Towel Trick

Save your Fruits and Veggies with the Paper Towel Trick. I learned about wrapping zucchini individually in paper towels, putting a towel in a bag, etc from my Mom. Buy the cheapy towels for veggies and so you don't use up the good ones.

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