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19. have more than 100 pen pals

Mine where from meeting on family camping trips. I married one of my pen pals 15 years after we met!

13. Speaking Arabic fluently

13. Speaking Arabic fluently

10. Learn about kungfu

Learn about kungfu

8. Have Nikon d700 without having to buy it

Henry's - Canada’s digital camera store. Shop online for new, used and demo digital cameras, buy digital SLRs and video cameras. Save on top camera brands - Stores located in Ontario, Manitoba and Nova Scotia.

5. Go to Hajj with my family

This is the Kaaba located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. According to the Five Pillars of Islam, Muslims must visit here to pray once in there lifetime. This relates to RELIGION.

3. Go to South Korea with my close friends when winter

The number four is also the symbol for the family unit of the four-position foundation. The circle symbolizes eternity, or God. The flag is white, .