Indonesian Royal Court

The Elegance of the finale dinner is fittingly themed to match the elegance of the Four Season's Jimbaran, Taman Wantilan. Entertainment of liquid gold from Indonesian Jazz Diva, Murni and her Band. Table Scapes, flowers and gifts go up a notch to create a night of Elegance and Beauty not to be forgotten.
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Jegog sensations.
Jegog Performers that LOVE what they are doing.
The deep rhythms of the Jegog whilst thrilling and memorable are totally pleasurable to listen to.
Elegant candle details are definitely noteworthy.
Red Ginger, coral ginger, birds of paradise, spider orchids and marigolds... just some of the great options for the florals of this theme.
Burnt reds and oranges with tropical greens and pops of white bring the elegance to Belgiun linen cloths.
Entrance Elegance.  Tropical Regal.
Tropical flame reds Reds with Belgiun linen Brown.  Rich elegant table scapes.
Tropical flowers of red ginger, pink ginger, mini birds of paradise, green leaves, spider orchids, green hydraenger and white singapore orchids.  Delight!
Bombastic Bass.

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Entrance Elegance.  Tropical Regal.
Individualized table name candles.  C'est Chic!
Het eerste Indische kookboek dat in Nederland uit kwam.
Klapper pudding – Kokospudding
Indonesian cocktail: Pisang, a banana alcohol + aloe vera juice
The central to Rijsttafel is, indeed, rice. Steamed rice is served in many different varieties. Including a tray of many condiments, so each person can customize their meal for tastes that are sweet, salty, sour, spicy, and everything in between brings a different experience. To end the dinner, dessert tempts with Indonesian sweets.
Indische rijsttafel: Vispakketjes / Fish wraps
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DIY Home Wall Decor, put this Indonesian Batik Collage in your favorit place. (A4 frame size).
It's never too early for cute Christmas Present! Simple and cute onigiri wrap just like a present, yummy deviled egg and healthy sweet fresh salad with mayonnaise on top. @UP Bento #bento #kyaraben #kawaii #cute #catering #jakarta #indonesia #lunch #lunchbox #kids #healthy #meal #food #sell #order