NBA Players in High School

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an old newspaper article with pictures of two men and one woman on the page,
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Dwyane Wade's prediction in his high school yearbook was 100% correct.
a man standing in front of a crowd next to a poster for j j redick the battle rapper
JJ Redick's Rap Career: From Battle Rapping At AAU Events To Almost Getting Punched By Chris Duhon
two basketball players are fighting for the ball
teenage Kobe
a man laying on the floor with a basketball
Watch Every Field Goal From Dajuan Wagner's Historic 100-Point Game in High School
a basketball player jumping up into the air to dunk a ball in front of other players
D. Rose at Simeon hs
minnesota basketball player dribbling the ball in front of an arena full of people
Nothing Like The Old School: NBA Photos
Paul Pierce - Inglewood High School
a man holding a basketball while standing next to two other men
American Football Gear Review
Joakim Noah in high school is only a few triple-doubles away from the NBA version - Photo via @si_vault |
four basketball players are posing for a photo
1983 - Flint Northwestern High School basketball teammates: (left to right) Glen Rice, Anthony Pendleton, Jeff Grayer and Andre Rison.
a man in a white jersey standing next to a referee at a basketball game with referees behind him
Lebron James
two basketball players standing next to each other in front of an arena full of people
D-12 and Noah at EA sports All American
two basketball players are trying to block the ball from going into the hoop during a game
Shawn Kemp, Northern Lakes Conference, Concord HS, Elkhart, IN--played at same time I went to Wawasee HS
an old black and white photo of a basketball player jumping up to dunk the ball
Pop Herring, Michael Jordan and the legend of Laney
Skinny but fierce, Jordan did not make the Varsity team his freshman year but would go on to lead Laney High to a National Championship before leaving for Chapel Hill
the basketball players are trying to block the ball from going into the hoop in front of them
X. It’s what’s happening
Kevin Garnett hacks Paul Pierce during a 1995 High School All-Star Game
a young man holding a basketball in his right hand and smiling while standing next to a brick wall
Kobe !