Hijabi style seems soooo "Jackie O." All you need is a pair of oversized sunglasses and a convertible!

Hijabi tutorial for when traveling abroad.


that (gorg) coat

Beautiful chest coverage hijab

Beautiful chest coverage hijab - i've try this and its easy!

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Hijabi Style. Love this simple, classic look

Love the Hijab style, nice and simple 😁

My Hijab-Style Gür Gür Karaca www.

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For daily hijab

Neat Freak hijab tutorial by duckscarves. ♥ Muslimah fashion & hijab style

Sharp Edge hijab tutorial by duckscarves.

colour yg di padan kan memang smart!takde la rainbow sgt.hehe~

Arab Hijab Styles and Gulf Hijab Fashion

cute tutorial! looks nice when u try by ur own and it covers ur chest well. subhanallah

moonhmz: “ a simple sketch on how I usually wear my hijab. I like it long, especially in the front :) ” 1000 notes! OMG you guyss! My first sketch to reach 1000 notes is this simple sketch of a ‘hijab tutorial’.

hijab tutorial pointed

Gorgeous Classy Hijab Tutorial For Daily Wear

I am really enjoying the khimar / draped front hijab scarf look that I am seeing more of. I'd wear loose pants with this.

So cozy!!! It's the "sweatpants" of dresses, only better, because you can wear this anywhere. LOVE IT!!

so comfy & chic in a black maxi & sweater

Medium-long hairstyle 2014

Long layers with side bangs. This is what my hair needs to look like, its cut like that i just never properly style ahhaha Long layers with side bangs.

Easy Wrapped Hijab Tutorial

I have collected hijab styles step by step tutorial. It consists of steps required to wear beautiful hijab styles. These steps for hijab styles are easy.

University Hijabi Style

Wearing hijab with glasses isn't that tricky! Depending on the way you style your hijab and your face shape, there are many styles that could suit you.