Pisang Goreng

Fried bananas ("Goreng Pisang" in Malay Language) is common street food in Malaysia and many Asian countries. This photo attracted my attention because it is unusual.

Kue Lapis Ketan -

Coconut-milk soaked sticky rice with a layer of pandan flavor on top. A popular traditional Indonesian dessert.


Wajik literally means diamond shape. It is made of glutinous rice and flavored by caramelized palm sugar and coconut milk.


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Cendol Agar-agar

Cendol Agar-Agar by Table for Or More. This is for u, Melody. Hope it satisfies ur jelly craving! Baby in tummy will be happy!

lapis Surabaja

This is one of Indonesian cake. The name is LAPIS SURABAYA. Made from wheat flour, eggs and many more. Lapis Surabaya has a sweet and savory flavor for using butter as an adhesive layer between the yellow and chocolate cake.

Kueh Dadar ( Sweet Nonya Pancake Roll)

Kueh Dadar ( Sweet Nonya Pancake Roll)