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Hijabi style seems soooo "Jackie O." All you need is a pair of oversized sunglasses and a convertible!
Day 11 - I think I'm finally getting the hang of hijab pins - I guess I finally figured out how to get rid of the, erm, creases that happen when you tie the scarf from the back. HIJAB PINS TO THE RESCUE!! lol ... this was a good look for me; did it in 2 rounds - 1st time around, did Step 3 from the opposite side, and both times it worked pretty well :)
Hijab tutorial
Hijab tutorial ♥ Muslimah fashion  hijab style
Hijab tutorial - Simple and Easy
Hijab tutorial
Super Easy Hijab Tutorial-No Pins Needed!
Want something like this. Next on my clithes to make list!

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By. Zahratul Jannah #hijabtutorial #simplehijab #dailyhijab
Add a little bling- and style to your hijab with headbands that can decorate any simple, modest hijab.  From daily look, to evening, from classy to sportive, hijab headbands come in many forms and …
Basic Everyday Hijab Tutorial ♥ Muslimah fashion & hijab style
Lovely Hijab Tutorial With A Brooch
Hijab tutorial using a wide rectangular scarf
Bits And Pieces: Another Hijab tutorial
Full Coverage Hijab Tutorial
Perfect with a full cover inner ninja under scarf from www.hijabnow.com Easy Peasy Hijab Wrap - No pins needed!
I love how loose and flowing this hijab style looks like, it’s easy and require only few pins, you can make it as flowing as you like and cover your chest as you please, start by placing the hijab on your headn as usual with a long and short side, brig the short side in a way to cover your neck and pin it at the other end, you are now left with a long side that you will bring all over your head when you’re pleased with the folds on your chest area and the loose look pin it to secure it and…
for square hijab