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an assortment of electronics sitting on top of a cement floor next to a wallet and earbuds
Gadget’s aesthetic
#sony #headphones #sonywh1000xm4 #jbl #jblgo3 #gadget #aesthetic
an old cassette tape recorder with ear buds attached to the headphones, on a white surface
🥛𓐄 🪞🥞𓂂𓂂
a person holding an mp3 player in their left hand and ear buds on the other
an ipod and headphones are sitting next to each other
someone holding an ipod in their hand with a mp3 player attached to the back of it
Pin by Joseury Brisita on Vintage stuffs | Retro gadgets, Ipod classic, Apple ipod
many different colored trays are arranged together
handmade polymer clay and ceramics earrings and home goods