Goat Fried Rice

Goat Fried Rice - Asian Food - Goat Fried Rice is very popular with Asian food. Are you a fan of the fried rice dishes goat? Material and how to make Goat Fried Rice.

Easy Mahalabia Recipe

Easy Mahalabia Recipe - Asian Food - Mohalabia is a liquid pudding made from rice flour and fresh milk.

Kazakh Beshbarmak Food Recipe

Kazakh Beshbarmak Food Recipe - Asian Food - Beshbarmak is a typical food of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan has specialties namely Beshbarmak/Besjbarmak. Materials and How to make Beshbarmak.

Kunafa Recipe Arabic

Kunafa Recipe Arabic - Asian Food - Kunafa is one of the finest dessert traditions in Ramadan. Kunafa recipes arabic materials and how to make kunafa recipes arabic.


Qatayef Recipe - Asian Food - Qatayef is a typical dessert of the Mediterranean or the Middle East are usually presented when the month of Ramadan. Materials and how to make Qatayef.

Couscous Salad Recipe

This stunning seafood and pearl couscous salad brings a touch of elegance to weeknight dinners.

Shawarma Recipe Arabic Style

Shawarma Recipe Arabic Style - Asian Food - Shawarma is thin pieces of chicken pieces mixed with onions, served with pita bread is wrapped. Material and how to make a shawarma.

Egyptian Falafel Recipe

Egyptian Falafel Recipe - Asian Food - Falafel is a Middle-Eastern specialties that usually serve as the main dish menu. Materials and How to make Falafel.