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Wawa Kurniawan
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love this!!! . .it's amazing to me how most people really don't listen .. when you're talking, they are only thinking about their own stories and then start talking about themselves.

The word LISTEN contains the same letters as the word SILENT. - Alfred Brendel Sometimes you just need to listen when I'm talking about infertility and my miscarriages and not spew advice or insensitive remarks at me.

Knowing when to walk away is wisdome | Quotes About Life

Walking away, with your head held high is dignity. Walking away with head held high and a gleam in your eye is called self-esteem. Walking away with your head held high and a gleam in your eye and pride in your stride is called cockiness. Walking away .

I have failed at relationships, not just romantic but in all aspects of the word several times and my advice to anyone who wants a happy future for any relationship... Do this, I know a man who's married to his true love and they have the strongest marriage ever... It started with this

Put God First In Your Life… In Order For A Relationship To Truly Last Forever. Both People Need To Put God First Before Anything In Their Lives. Your Marriage, Family, & Friends; They All Come After Your Committed Relationship With Your God.