SHUKR USA | Chic 2-Tone Jilbab

Chic 2-Tone Jilbab

With their timeless cuts and elegant styles, SHUKR's coats and jilbabs are a sophisticated and traditional addition to your Islamic wardrobe.

Tunique Young:hijab et capuche intégré

Islamic jilbab and hijab, website of reference in clothes for the muslim woman, high-range and cheap jilbab ! Overhead jilbab and saudi jilbab.

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We love the juxtaposition of the loose billowing layers with the structured and posh silhouette and details of this Abaya. A perfect piece for when you want to appear professional, but not stuffy. In addition to upping the style, the added layer creates an extra-modest feel, which we know you’ll love as well.Please note that the Purple Velvet and Red Mahogany colors are about 2-3cm shorter in length than the other colors.

SHUKR's long dresses and abayas are the ultimate in Islamic fashion. Halal standards, ethically-made, international shipping, and easy returns.

Mein neuer Jilbab „al Hur“ von „al Dorra al Maknouna“

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Jilbab/Khimar & Skirt Set In Breathable Nida Fabric

Jilbab/Khimar & Skirt Set In Breathable Nida Fabric