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No Need To Hide Sorrow Behind A Smile With These 29 Comforting #Fake #Smile #Quotes

We cry our tears because we can't hold on anymore. But the most painful thing is pretending to be fine and smiling your fake smile to appear happy in this world.

Hahahaha aye! If you wanna make lies about someone who isn't around to prove…

Gossip is shared by the Wicked, But Rumours are Carried by Haters, Spread by Fools, and Accepted by Idiots… Well said… Remember God is always watching you.

Karma may or may not exist.. But at the end of your life, you will have to…

Karma may or may not exist. But at the end of your life, you will have to answer to God. He knows all your secrets, omissions, lies!'God will not be mocked.

15 Inspirational Quotes To Get You Through The Week

I'm going to adapt this to a Celtic script and have this as a tattoo. After surviving half a century on this planet, I've seen Karma at work, and yes, she's a bitch. TATTOO THIS ON ME NOW

And it was served in a silver platter.. At the right place and in the right time!! La vie est belle!

Karma, is Now Ready to be Served. Hope you Enjoy it, because you Deserve it. Karma is Now Available & Ready to Serve Your Ass.

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This poem says to not give your everything to certain people. Many of them are always changing and once they do, it can hurt you. It tries to explain to not get too comfortable with some people since the ending result can leave you with a painful memory.