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old me sucks but new me izza more attractive
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iPhone 1st Generation........hmmmmm............?

The Generation iPhone, (or iPhone was released in & it had EDGE Antennas, iPhone OS, Inch HVGA Display with a Resolution of a 2 Megapixel Camera, & a Accelerometer.

IPHONE 6 CONCEPT RUNNING IOS 7 BETA [PHOTOS] Posted on Jun 17, 2013  Designer Antonio De Rosa regularly churns out some fantastic concepts pertaining to numerous Apple products. Adding to his growing list of great designs comes an all-new iPhone 6 mockup, which looks simply stunning with its large, edge-to-edge display and touch-based home button, and it ...

A very good representation of what the new iPhone may look like as all the rumors are say the physical home button could be biting the big one.