I don't ask for much, only for allay to make me a better Muslim right now or in the future! But yes I am still not thankful enough to allah for everything he has given me even though I did not care for it and realize the importance of it till later so thank u allah for everything!                         ~sincerely, a learning servent

Oh Allah~ make me a humble as well as a grateful servant who says "Alhamdulillah" for everything you have bestowed upon me.

Wise words from Sayiddina Ali ibn Abi Talib r.a. so hard to live by this words but if someone wants to be happy they won't be so hard.

Wise words from Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib a. The successor and brother of the Holy Prophet Mohammad sawa. His divine leadership was rejected by the hypocrites and now you see what they've made of Islam, a mockery.

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If we can trust people we shall infinitely trust in Allah SWT. If we can plan something big Allah SWT abosolutely plan everything.

Yasmin Mogahed Quote: He breaks you, to build you - ohhh I love this so very much...

Yasmin Mogahed Quote- He breaks you, to build you - Islamic Quotes

What we should say instead of a simple Thank You, and the person who this is said to should reply with Ameen.

Better than say- just thanks.when you thankful someone(muslim) say "jazakAllahu khairan".

Surah Taha Verse 46.                                       ~Amatullah

Allah/God always with you and if you ask Him for partner wife/husband family friends Allah will give you all