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decorated cookies with the words chillin with my pees written in them on a plate
Chillin With My Peeps -Easter Cookies
Chillin With My Peeps -Easter Cookies
some cookies are decorated with icing and decorations on top of each other, including a ribbon that says it's finished
Cookies | Hartwork Cookie Co.
Cookies | Hartwork Cookie Co.
decorated cookies in the shape of an elephant on a white plate with orange and green decorations
Jenny Thompson on Instagram: “It’s a great day to bake! I’m unable to offer Easter cookies this year so maybe this cute and simple platter will inspire you to create…”
there are some cookies and other items on the table with writing on them that say worthy to lambs
Cookies | Hartwork Cookie Co.
✝️Easter Cookies for Good Friday
This was a tough video for me to make and edit. My set up for filming since moving back in with my mom is not great at all. If you could only see what I look like trying to decorate these cookies in my light box that rests on top of a filing cabinet . I have to sit sideways because there's no place for my legs- I can barely see what I'm decorating, so it's a little tough, which is why my videos lately have been of cookies that only require a few steps. But I had to film this one... Another challenge I face is that I never want a cookie video to trivialize something so meaningful. The crown of thorns represents the suffering Christ endured leading up to His crucifixion. Today is Good Friday- but it is in fact a very sad day in real history. This day represents the blood Jesus shed. He w
two carrots are in the dirt with a bow
some cookies decorated like bunnies and bunny ears on a white plate next to pink flowers
"Easter Bunny Cookies" by Stocksy Contributor "Ruth Black"
decorated cookies in an open box with frosting and decorations on it's sides
Easter Sugar Cookies Decorating Ideas - RecipeMagik
decorated cookies with happy easter written on them sitting on a wooden board next to other decorations
two decorated cookies sitting on top of a white plate