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New Regulation on Indonesia Property Ownership for Foreigners: Too Good To Be True?

An article about New Regulation on Indonesia Property for Foreigners. Can foreigner become prperty owners in Indonesia today.

Bali Startups Community

Bali is a fast growing startup ecosystem. Bali startups are on the rise

Bali from Above

The fall colors in the northeastern part of the United States are such an incredible thing. I had never seen them before so this year I decided to finally ma.

A Digital Nomad in Bali

A Digital Nomad in Bali

Solo Travel for Ladies? Why the Heck Not?

'Star Wars' Hunts for Han Solo: Disney Sees Actors to Fill One Vest



The Extra Miles Required to be an Outstanding Host

It’s considered polite in some households, but are there more practical reasons for going shoeless inside?

Books You Should Read When Traveling

Bill Murray has done it again! His latest adventure included crashing a Bachelor Party and offering his sage advice on finding "The One". We'd have to agree with him!