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Lion Queen.   Momotaro Koi Farm. Grand Champion of 20124 All Japan Koi Show
Once again, Momotaro Koi make history. After Lion Quuen debut at All Japan Koi Show (AJKS) 2014 and won the Grand Champion title, the Lion Queen sibling made a record on 2014 Momotaro Nisai Dealer Auction.   This beautiful showa came from Black Dragon (Kikoryu) bloodline and sold at 26 million yen, breaking the previous year record of Sakai Sanke (21 mio yen).   Will it be the next GC as lion queen did? we'll see
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40 Inspiring DIY Herb Gardens
Tancho do not form a single, independent kind of Nishikigoi; they all can be bred from Kohaku, Taisho Sankshoku or Showa Sanshoku. Their red patch happen to show up only in the head region. Tancho, therefore, can not be produced in bulk. The essential point for appreciation is the red patch in the head region, sitting right at center of the head is best. white skin is also important as the milky white color sets the red head patch off to advantage.
Best in Variety Kumonryu 2013 All Japan Show - as featured on Niigata-Nishikigoi.com on Thursday - http://www.niigata-nishikigoi.com/node/1677
2012 All Japan Best in Variety Winners  Posted 8 Feb 2012 - 17:22 by Mark Gardner  Tancho Showa - my favorite variety of them all!    Pictures again courtesy of Steve Gibbins - www.koitours.com.