6 Health Benefits of Ginger

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Mangosteen Benefits for Skin Body Health

I love fruits of all kinds. Besides apples and oranges, I like tropical fruits and many of them are considered "exotic" by most people. While I have had many exotic fruits, there are some that I haven't even heard of.

10 Health Benefits of Pineapple for Body

Best Pineapple Smoothie Recipes and other major benefits of pineapples such as weight loss, digestive help, anti inflammation and many more.

health benefits of green tea

Chris Powell's Dandelion Root and Green Tea - 16 cups water, 6 green tea bags, 6 dandelion root tea bags. Boil water, put all 12 bags in hot water. Remove pot from heat and let steep for hours or overnight. Drink at 7 am and sip when hungry.