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Rainbow Pancakes

If you want to ad some whimsy to a traditional event, you should try Over the Rainbow Pancake Breakfast. This event would tie in very nicely with St. Patrick's Day as residents eat their way through a rainbow of pancakes.

Raspberry Marshmallows

Raspberry marshmallows - recipe in grams which makes it kind of tricky to work out fresh or frozen raspberries granulated sugar powdered gelatin egg whites pinch of salt

Healthy Vegan Cookie Dough Bites

healthy no-bake cookie dough bites Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies Chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes Healthy Vegan Cookie Dough Bite.

Blue Velvet Cake

Blue Velvet Cake Recipe, a very pretty, creative alternative to red. Maybe this could be the "something blue" in a wedding? it looks elegant enough. I know someone how would get a kick out of Blue Velvet she loves Red Velvet big time