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No matter how many times I repin this...I will keep repinning this>>>omg its haz and ash... *HYPERVENTALATING*

You can literally see his accent (gif)

Ashton and Calum! ❤❤ Favorite GIF of all time. Just putting that out there.

Holy mother of all things holy. My eyes are popping out of my head. Jeez Ashton, some warning would've been nice

My favorite part about this is that you can't tell where the loop is and it's just infinite

Ash you make my heart ache.

5sos funny cute pics | ... seconds of summer ashton irwin dancing my shitty shitty 5sos

Imagine:Ashton came home late from hanging out with the boys and you were mad and gave him the silent treatment.He tried getting you to talk to him and frowned when you didn't,So he gave you this face and said "I'm sorry,C'mon you can't stay mad at this face," and of coarse you forgave him because LOOK AT THAT ADORABLE FACE HOW CAN YOU NOT!

"Yes, sir. That was the last thing I saw before I was knocked out."<<OMG HAHAHAHAHAHA I'M LAUGHING SO HARD RIGHT NOW

PERFECTION <3..... I know this isn't Michael related. Sorry. I don't see many Ashton boards so I'm starting my own. I'll need some help so if anybody wants to be added just follow me and ask. I'll be glad to add you. :)