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Soekarno & Guevara
Sukarno, 1960
Soekarno Fidel Castro Che Guevara
Soekarno & Fidel Castro
Sukarno and Foreign Minister Agus Salim in Dutch custody, 1949 - Sukarno was first exposed to nationalist ideas while living under Tjokroaminoto. Later, while a student in Bandung, he immersed himself in Western, communist, and Islamic political philosophy, eventually developing his own political ideology of Indonesian-style socialist self-sufficiency.
W Charles de Gaulle
Soekarno 1901 - 1970 ©2012 FrankGo The Proclaimer, The Founding Father and The 1st President Of Our Beloved Country, INDONESIA. Pencil 4B, HB & Mech.Pencil 2B on Paper
President Soekarno with Robert Francis Kennedy in Jakarta, 1962
Sukarno & Elizabeth Taylor
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