Plaid Maxi Dress with Hijab

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Hijab office Wear – 12 Ideas to Wear Hijab at Work Elegantly

Hijab office wear inspiration

Monochrome Coporate office look on maxi styles.

i want this for hari raya.. <3

Coral Dream

Modest long sleeve maxi dress full length stylish - much better without the belt!

Hijab style

love this one can transfer a simple abaya adding a simple golden belt with beautiful scarfe 💕💕💕💕

Love these outfits...but should be more loose and longer tops, longer hijab for more coverage, no belt...

Winter Maxi Dresses With Hijab Fashion Trend

Colour Me Kimono | Aab

Hijab Fashion Colour Me Kimono

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Brown Skirt and Jacket with Matching Hijab

I love this black pasmina | Looks so elegant KIVITZ

How To Look Fashionable With Hijab Fashion Outfit - New model hijab styles are present every time.

Kebaya kimono

Kebaya kimono

Muslimah hijab inspiration

Pretty lace cardigan and black maxi combi- effortlessly chic!

Anna Hariri gorgeous and they are doing a giveaway now. you can enter

Maha Printed Maxi Dress

This Anna Hariri abaya is a showstopper for Eid-ul-Adha. The greater Eid will fall in September this year, in sha Allah, and the autumn colors and summer leave are a great combination.

Hülya Aslan

Hülya Aslan love the top. I'd like it a bit longer in front

purple hijab maxi dress, Modest street hijab fashion

Classy Purple Maxi Dress with Hijab


Hijab styles for short girls. In the previous old times, Hijab was known as the veil or piece of cloth which was used to cover some parts of the body but now the purpose is changed into style. We see many forms of Hijab introduced in the modern world.