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life goes on. learn from it.

As bitter as I was about Nicole I am not bitter about u Sarah! I've learned so much about love and God this past year and I'm finally truly happy with who I am, and bitterness no longer has a hold on me. I've learned to let u go and trust God!

Puck-Sized Device Charges Your Phone With The Heat In Your Coffee (or the cold in your iced tea) #gadgets

The Epiphany One Puck is not your typical iPhone charging device. Instead of using a power source, the drink coaster powers Apple devices through the magic of hot and cold drinks. The iPhone coaster .

Weh Island, Aceh

It is a great mystery for Indonesia. In the east, the border district of Indonesia is Yahukimo District (Yah), while the west outer island of Indonesia archipelago is Weh Island. Yah and Weh.

Predator power boat. Astonishing & unique!!

Predator at full speed off Saint TropezPredator seen here off Saint Tropez, is a 73 metre superyacht delivered by Feadship in Her striking lines were designed by De Voogt .