Hijabi Muslimah Beautiful pics!

You are one of the persons i looked up too when i first made the decision to put on the hijab! Such a beautiful hijabi masha allah

Men shouldn't say cooking and cleaning is a women's job only!!! That you prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for understanding

Gujarati loko pan aa ekdam sare ritey janey che (partytilfajr: “Bless you Malaysians for your Islamic Anime, God bless you.


The hijab is a covering for Muslim women to protect their modesty. The hijab…


It's elegant, stylish, striking, and this sparkly abaya should be in my closet.

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When you are thinking about someone who is not halal for you, the best way to get rid of it, is by reading Al-Quran. That way will make you remember Allah more than you remember that person.


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