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an artist's rendering of a children's play area
GIANTS - sky-high themed play landmarks
The GIANTS come in many different themes - all are open to be customized by you. You can also design your own visual expression for your GIANT with the use of printed panels, add-on shapes, themes, colours, sizes and configurations.
children playing in the playground at honeycomb
Super Honeycomb slide playground - Wandeplay
Inspiration from nature, because of the unique shape of the honeycomb. The honeycomb is the "carrier" of life for hardworking bees. The honeycomb carrying the fun of bees about life. With its perfect hexagonal structure, it allows children to get interesting inspiration and artistic enjoyment. Based on the concept of green design, by using a honeycomb structure to form a modular space Stable.
children's play area with slide and climbing equipment
Kids honey bee theme outdoor playground equipment for park and school kindergarten
the inside of a restaurant with tables, chairs and balloons on the wall behind them
Fantastic indoor park will bring out your inner child
an indoor play area with a slide and slides
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