OSU Go Bucks!

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the logo for the university of ohio football team is shown in red and silver on a black background
three snowmen with hats and scarfs in front of a house covered in snow
Ohio snow people
an advertisement for the game called wake up it's gameday
an image of a mascot with the words, we are buckeyes
an image of a mascot that is holding a baseball glove in front of his face
a red and gray bean bag chair with the letter n on it's side
Ohio State Buckeyes Comfy Feet "Big Foot" Bean Bag Boot (Slipper) Chair
a group of snowmen standing next to each other in front of candy canes
a person in a mascot costume standing on a field
an image of a football stadium with the words oh let me hear you buckey nation
a woman in orange prison uniform sitting on a bench