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Love this Bowie Jacket
by Christoph Martin Schmid 1992
fashion, style, 90s style, hip hop
04 - Corinne Day - Allure Magazine, Fashion Editor Ricky Vider Rivers, Make Up Virginia Young, Model Tanga Moreau, Date ?
Hunger is a biannual magazine from photographer and publisher, Rankin. Launched in November 2011, Hunger was born from Rankin’s desire to celebrate the innate drive that we all possess and that, with a bit of creativity, can be used as an impetus for cultural change.
spencernotspencer: “ SAY LOU LOU on film by me ”
Chloe Sheppard — GIRLFRIENDS
Sad girls on film, 35mm melancholy by Chloe Sheppard | Photography | HUNGER TV
Alissa Salls.