Dancers Put on Makeup before a Performance - Maynard Owen Williams - Photographic Print from Art.

An exploration of everyday and ceremonial nudity from traditional and cultural life around the world.

Bali girl, 1936

A vintage photo of a Balinese woman, circa Balinese women traditionally went topless and wore their cloth, like men, at the waist until the new Indonesian government encouraged more modesty.

1930's Balinese Djanger Dancer

© Andre Roosevelt, Bali dancer A towering headdress and plug earrings adorn a Balinese djanger dancer, part of a coed performance that was “more of popular fun than of temple dance or.

Bali girl grates coconut

Ethnic bali nude woman girl grates coconut breast photo

Young dancer from Bali, approx. 1900–1930. Unknown photographer.

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